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The Power of Redeeming Love
The Old Testament book of Ruth contains an amazing story of tragedy, loyalty, love and redemption. Its a story filled with many lessons and challenges that we can glean from for our lives today. Join us each week for our latest series "The Power of Redeeming Love."
Faithfully Unfaithful

God delivered the people of Israel from a life of slavery in Egypt and brought them into the land that He had promised their fore fathers. Despite God’s display of amazing power, unfailing love and faithfulness, Israel struggled to remain faithful to God. In the book of Judges we discover that the only thing the people of Israel were faithful in was being unfaithful. Too many times the picture of God’s children back then mirrors the picture of God’s children today. Join us as we explore the old Testament of Judges to learn the lessons and pitfalls of living Faithfully Unfaithfully lives.

Journey to Recovery

To recover means to bring back to a normal position or condition. If we take this definition and lay it up against the story of the Bible what we discover is that the Bible is a book on recovery. It’s the original recovery manual. Join us as we take a closer look at the message of recovery within the pages of scripture.

The Kingdom

The topic that dominated Jesus' message more than any other was the topic of the Kingdom. So if it was central to the teaching of Jesus why isn't it central to ours? Join us as we explore deeper this fascinating and important topic.

Good Grief

Romans 8:28 says, ”And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good,” but can there be everything good about grief? In our latest series, "Good Grief", we will be taking a closer look at what God’s Word has to say about grief and how it fits into God's sovereign plan.

Genuine Worshiper

Many people are involved in religious worship. Many refer to the church service as a "worship" service. But is attendance at a church enough to qualify a person as a genuine worshiper of God? This study looks more closely at how Jesus defined the genuine worshiper.

Hope and Trust

So many times words become so familiar and so commonly used that we stop to even consider their meaning. "Hope" and "trust" are common words in the vocabulary of the follower of Jesus but too many times we miss the richness of what these important words mean. This look into Romans 15 zeros in on these life changing words.


As followers of Jesus we need to be encouraging each other through our journey of life. There are times, however, that the greatest encouragement that we can receive comes from Jesus Himself. Peter was an example of a Christ follower who found himself in need of some major encouragement from our Lord.


Many times rejection is associated with failure, but in God's economy, rejection doesn't always mean failure. The sermon series "Reject" examines some of the rejects of the Bible taking special note of why they were rejected. The goal is to better understand how God can use those that the world rejects.

The Power of a Whisper

We come to God often bringing our requests to Him in prayer asking Him to listen to us. How often do we listen to hear what God is saying to us? How often do we quiet our busy lives and focus our ear toward God's voice? I this series we will be taking a closer look at what it means to hear God's voice and what it will mean for our lives to courageously respond.

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