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Psalm Things 2 Think About

The Psalms make up the largest section of scripture in the Bible. Many people go to Psalms for comfort, inspiration and encouragement . although there are many Psalms that people cling to, there are other Palms that people avoid or misunderstand. Join us each Sunday as we take a thoughtful look at some important and thought provoking Psalms.


Many times rejection is associated with failure, but in God's economy, rejection doesn't always mean failure. The sermon series "Reject" examines some of the rejects of the Bible taking special note of why they were rejected. The goal is to better understand how God can use those that the world rejects.

The Power of a Whisper

We come to God often bringing our requests to Him in prayer asking Him to listen to us. How often do we listen to hear what God is saying to us? How often do we quiet our busy lives and focus our ear toward God's voice? I this series we will be taking a closer look at what it means to hear God's voice and what it will mean for our lives to courageously respond.

True Repentance

Repentance is a necessary response to Christ's payment for our sin. It is also a necessary part of a Christian's spiritual growth. There's a lot of misunderstanding and confusion about this very important doctrine. In this 2 part series we'll explore what true repentance is all about.

Prophecy Update

We are living at a time where we can daily see the clear signs of the increasing birth pangs of the end of the age that Jesus warned of in Matthew 24. Dawn O'Brien shares with us some of the latest developments on the prophetic timeline.

Lies Satan Loves To Tell

Satan's goal is to deceive and destroy. Jesus called him "the father of lies." There are certain lies that he's been so successful telling that he uses them over and over again. The sad truth is that many people, including Christians believe him over and over again. In this series, "Lies Satan Loves To Tell," some of Satan's most common lies are exposed.

Enter Through the Narrow Gate

Jesus said that there is a narrow gate that leads to life and a wide gate that leads to destruction. A person has to do more than just know about and acknowledge the narrow gate. Jesus said you must enter the narrow gate in order to head toward life. Pastor Brad Rud senior pastor at The Crossing in Chugiak, Alaska shares this timely and challenging message from Matthew 7:13-14.

When God Calls

In Genesis 12 we read about God's call of Abraham. Looking closely at this story we can discover some important insights that can help us to better understand and respond to God's call in our lives.

To Worship Him

The magi, more commonly known as the wise men, traveled an amazing number of miles to visit the baby Jesus. Their purpose wasn't selfish or self serving. They came to worship him. Using the magi as an example we discover deeper and more specific ways to worship him.

The Necessity Of Change

Many people don't like change, in fact, many do all that they can to avoid major change in their lives. Change many times is necessary and that's certainly true for followers of Jesus. Join the MBC church family in this helpful message dealing with the Necessity of Change.

Don't Forget

As Peter was preparing for his coming death he wanted to be sure that those he left behind would not forget some vital truths. His challenge to remember, grow in and guard the truth is just as relevant for us today as it was for followers of Jesus in Peter’s day. Join us as we explore this important little letter together.

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