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Psalm Things 2 Think About

The Psalms make up the largest section of scripture in the Bible. Many people go to Psalms for comfort, inspiration and encouragement . although there are many Psalms that people cling to, there are other Palms that people avoid or misunderstand. Join us each Sunday as we take a thoughtful look at some important and thought provoking Psalms.

No Worries!

Worry is just another form of fear. We're all are guilty of it on some level. Some are even habitual in it. But what do we do to overcome it? In this message we'll discover what Jesus taught about worry and take a look at how we can conquer the worries that control us.

Church, Plain & Simple

Most churches are busy places. They provide multiple programs and activities. There are ministries that target the young, the old and the in-betweens. There are outreaches, in-reaches. There are churches that are traditional, those that are contemporary and others that bill themselves as unconventional. But if you could look at the basic essentials of the church what would they be? In our latest series we will be looking at the beginnings of the church to discover what the basic building blocks look like. Join us as we look at the church, plain and simple.

What You Can Expect In 2015

A New Year brings with it expectations. There are many things that you and I as followers of Jesus can expect in the New Year ahead. But there is an expectation that we should be ready and alert for at all times. Join us for this message of expectation and preparedness.


Prayer is a spiritual activity in which mere mortals seek to communicate with the God of the universe. People take their requests and hopes to God seeking His aid and favor. But how much do we really understand about prayer? For some it seems to be a powerful tool while for others it seems to be just another religious activity. Join us as we open God's Word each week and look deeper into the power and mystery of this vital link with God in our newest series, "iPray."

Sin Is A Bad Deal!

A bad deal is when you end up with something that you either didn't bargain for, or, you end up not getting what you thought you had bargained for. No one likes to get a bad deal. Sin is always a bad deal. When we sin we end up not getting all that we thought we would and usually the consequences of our sin bring with it painful things we never bargained for. On the other hand, God's deal is always good. Join us as we take a closer look at examples in scripture of sin's bad deal and the lessons we can learn from them.

Getting The Lord's Supper Right

In the church there are important activities and ceremonies that we conduct that if we're not careful can easily become mundane and routine. Too many times we find ourselves merely going through the motions and not really engaging in what we are doing. The Lord's Supper, communion is an important activity that Jesus charged his followers to do often but if we're not careful we easily do it for the sake of doing it and miss so much. Join us as we taking a closer look at this important ordinance of the church and how we can be careful as followers of Jesus to do it right.

Why Israel Should Matter To You!

Few would argue that the nation of Israel and the Jewish people play a prominent roll throughout the Bible. Today the tiny nation of Israel is constantly in the news but should that mean all that much to Christians? God isn't done with the nation of Israel. The Jews still matter to God. Join us as we take a closer look at why Israel should matter to every believer in Christ.

For The Sake Of The Truth

The book of 2 John is one of the smallest books in the entire Bible. Despite its small size it has an important and powerful message. Join us as we explore this important little book of 2 John in the teaching series, "For The Sake Of The Truth."

God Is In The Details

Often life seems to be made up of random happenings and chance encounters with others. But as we explore the pages of the Bible what we discover is that God is working in the details of our lives. The story of Joseph found in the very first book of the Bible is a case in point. In this message Pastor Randy unfolds three ways that God is in the details of our lives.

All Things Work Together For Good?

Romans 8:28 declares that, "And we know that God uses all things to work together for the good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." But do all things really mean everything? Butch Perriera shares from God's Word and personal experience how God can use even the worst of circumstances to bring about good.

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