C3 Covenant


Christ Centered Community depends on both commitment and consistency to be effective in discipleship and loving relationships!  The purpose of this covenant is to allow the group to commit to love each other by your respect, your preparation, and your presence. Jesus demands radical commitment to following Him, and we encourage all of our C3 groups to exercise that commitment in the way they deal with each other. We want to do everything we can to facilitate and encourage depth in our small groups (and avoid shallow fellowship).



The C3 covenant is simply a promise between groups members that we commit to love one another to the best of our abilities with our respect, our preparation, and our presence. Each group members makes this promise because…

  1. The covenant helps protect the intimacy and togetherness of your group
  2. In order for real relationships to form and thrive, there must be consistency and commitment
  3. The covenant helps us stay accountable to each other as a community
  4. When we agree to a set of guidelines and principles, everyone knows what the expectations are
  5. A covenant helps keep the group focused on discipleship and relationship
  6. Jesus called us to radical commitment to follow Him and to love others, and the covenant is a tangible example of that commitment


Check Out the Sample C3 Covenant

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