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Imago Dei - Sunday evening teaching series

In the Spring of 2019 Pastor Randy and Pastor Clint delivered a series of sermons on how understanding the biblical truth that every person has been created in the image of God informs how we approach many of the cultural issues of our day. When the series concluded many shared how impacting it was on their thinking and approach to the hot topics we now face: issues such as sexuality and gender, sanctity of life, racial discrimination and men and women's roles. In this updated reboot of the series Pastor Randy teaches six sessions on the importance of understanding this vital biblical doctrine referred to as the Imago Dei.

Understanding the Gift of Tongues

The gift of tongues, what is it? Is it a legitimate gift? Do you have it? Join us for a study on the controversial topic of the gift tongues.

WARNING: Be Careful of the Drift

As we move along on our Christian journey there will be things that can distract us and cause us to drift off course. Most of the time this drifting happens gradually and almost can initially go without notice. If we're not careful we can find that we have drifted far from the place that we are supposed to be. Join us as we explore some causes and cures for drifting.


As a follower of Jesus Christ perhaps you find yourself feeling a little out of place at times? Maybe around your co-workers, acquaintances and even your family you feel like the odd guy out? Is there something wrong with you or is it everyone else? Join us as we discover why we'll never fit in.

How Should A Christian Vote?

As followers of Jesus Christ how are we to approach the political process? If God is sovereign should we even bother voting? What's the Christian's responsibility toward government? Join us as we open God's word to unpack answers to these timely questions.

The End

There are key events on God's prophetic calendar. As followers of Jesus Christ we need to be aware of what these events are, what the signs are that point to these events, and how this imformation should affect the way that we live right now. Join us as we explore God's word to learn more about The End.

THE GREAT DEBATE:Who Should Be Allowed To Marry?

One of the biggest issues facing our nation and our churches today is the same sex marriage issue. Is marriage between a man and a women just a "traditional" view or is there more to it? Should anyone in a loving committed relationship be given the right to marry? Join us as we dive into this very important and controversial topic.

Preparing For Jesus

Chritian radio DJ Dawn O'Brien of 95.5 fm in Honolulu shares the importance of being ready for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Join for this powerful and timely message.

God's Purpose And Process

God has a purpose for everything that He does. He also has a process that He has established to accomplish His purposes. Join us as we discover how God's purpose and process work together in God's plan for His church.


Some deny it, others admit it, but we've all experienced it -- fear. Some times we call it by different names, stress, worry, or panic. It's an emotion that if left unchecked can drain us of our joy and suck the life out of our soul. Wouldn't it be great to eliminate the fear factor in your life? Join us as we dive into God's word to learn more about factoring out fear in our lives.

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