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Trust Issues

Biblical trust is active faith based on reasonable evidence. This series explores how the Bible defines faith, what the basis of faith is, and how trust relates to God, ourselves, and others. 

The Necessity Of Change

Many people don't like change, in fact, many do all that they can to avoid major change in their lives. Change many times is necessary and that's certainly true for followers of Jesus. Join the MBC church family in this helpful message dealing with the Necessity of Change.

Don't Forget

As Peter was preparing for his coming death he wanted to be sure that those he left behind would not forget some vital truths. His challenge to remember, grow in and guard the truth is just as relevant for us today as it was for followers of Jesus in Peter’s day. Join us as we explore this important little letter together.

Grace Works

Evangelist Ken Freeman shares how God's unmerited favor, grace, works in our lives.

Guardians of the Gospel

The church in England has been on the decline for decades. Beautiful ancient churches dot the British landscape but most have few or no one in attendance. How did this happen and is the same fate inevitable for the church in America? Pastor Randy shares the warning and challenge impressed upon him during a recent trip to England.

The Devolution Of A Nation

On June 26, 2015 the U.S. Supreme Court in 5-4 decision ruled that the U.S. Constitution provides same-sex couples the right to marry and that a same-sex couple married in one state must be legally recognized as a married couple in every other state in the union. What did the highest court in our nation really do? What should we anticipate and even expect as a result of this decision? Where does this leave followers of Jesus and how should we respond?

Story Changer

Jesus changes stories. Each person's life is a story being written with each day that they live. In the pages of the Bible we discover that when Jesus steps into a life their story is forever changed. This series examines some of the life changed stories from the Bible and from folks in our Molokai Baptist Church family.

Seeking First The Kingdom

Pastor Jonah Ka'auwai shares in his unique and energetic way this special message from Matthew 6:19-34.

The Heart of a Pastor

Teva Pou, part of the pastoral staff of the Mission on the North Shore of Oahu, shares this message on the heart of the pastor and his people from 2 Timothy 3.

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