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Trust Issues

Biblical trust is active faith based on reasonable evidence. This series explores how the Bible defines faith, what the basis of faith is, and how trust relates to God, ourselves, and others. 

THE GREAT DEBATE:Who Should Be Allowed To Marry?

One of the biggest issues facing our nation and our churches today is the same sex marriage issue. Is marriage between a man and a women just a "traditional" view or is there more to it? Should anyone in a loving committed relationship be given the right to marry? Join us as we dive into this very important and controversial topic.

Preparing For Jesus

Chritian radio DJ Dawn O'Brien of 95.5 fm in Honolulu shares the importance of being ready for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Join for this powerful and timely message.

God's Purpose And Process

God has a purpose for everything that He does. He also has a process that He has established to accomplish His purposes. Join us as we discover how God's purpose and process work together in God's plan for His church.


Some deny it, others admit it, but we've all experienced it -- fear. Some times we call it by different names, stress, worry, or panic. It's an emotion that if left unchecked can drain us of our joy and suck the life out of our soul. Wouldn't it be great to eliminate the fear factor in your life? Join us as we dive into God's word to learn more about factoring out fear in our lives.

When Bad Things Happen

It's not a matter of if bad things will happen in our lives it's a matter of when they will happen. Bad things happen to everyone, even followers of Jesus. Join us as we take a look at how God wants His children to deal with bad things when they come our way.


The word "if" is used many times to introduce a conditional statement. There are a number of these significant "if" statements throughout the Bible. In our newest Sunday morning series we will examine some of these important "ifs" of scripture. Join us for this challenging series of messages.

Will The World Ever Get Better?

Wars. natural disasters, terrorism, and political unrest have escalated in the past several years. The headlines seem to get worse and worse. It leaves many to ask, "Will the world ever get better?" Join us as we look at some key prophetic scriptures that answer this all important question.

Get Out Of The Boat!

Too many followers of Jesus spend their time doing the least they can do for the kingdom. Jesus is calling us to step out of our areas of comfort, put our faith in His care, and get busy for the Kingdom.


There are a lot or "lone rangers" in the world. A lot of folks that believe that they don't need anyone else, that they can do it on their own. When God designed His church He designed it to be a group of people that together live out His plan. Join us as we travel through various passages of the Bible to discover what God has called His church to do together.

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