Abortion Case Study


    You have worked with Meg for several years and have become fairly good friends. You have had opportunities at various times to share your faith with Meg who always seems cautious but receptive. In addition to occasional spiritual conversations you have invited her and Eli, her husband, to church on various occasions and they just recently surprised you by showing up to special outreach event. Both Meg and Eli seemed to really enjoy the event and you are hoping that this will lead to their coming to a Sunday service.
          Recently Meg announced to you and your co-workers that she is expecting her first baby. Everyone is excited and congratulatory but you notice that Meg doesn’t seem overly joyful. Later when you and Meg are alone you ask her if everything is ok. She begins to cry and tell you that besides discovering she is pregnant the doctor also revealed to her that she has cancer. The doctor explained that without chemotherapy her chances of living beyond a year would be very slim. He further explained that they could not give her chemotherapy unless she has an abortion.
          Eli is insisting that she get the abortion but Meg is unsure. She then asks you what you think that she should do.

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