C3 Marriage Case Study

04.05.19 | Marriage | by Clinton Manley

    Monique is the modern strong wife. She lives in corporate America, shoulders the responsibility for the family, and is proud not to be living in the “comfortable concentration camp” of stay-at-home motherhood. As a point of principle, she is reluctant to do anything she considers domestic, and quick to share her opinion for hours on end, while her husband sits expressionless beside her. She balks at the thought of being a helpmate, chafes at the idea of submission. Her favorite Bible verse is Galatians 3:28. With six words (“there is no male and female”), she has become a ferocious advocate of "homofunctional marriage," consisting of two different sexes functioning identically.
    Meanwhile, Alex, Monique's gentle husband, lives his life with few complaints and subdued passions. He happily embraces the notion that "more hands make for light work," and thanks God that Monique is willing to shoulder the primary responsibilities in the home. He doesn't expect to have major sway in family decisions — and according to him, he is better off for it. He has decided that when he lets his wife steer, he never gets blamed for ending up in a ditch. He finds the passenger seat very comfortable. More reclining. Less sacrifice and accountability. More opportunity for pleasant pastimes. In fact, he even gets praised by other "Christians" for “laying down his life” and ambitions for his wife. He is appalled by the idea of masculinity that domineers, belittles, and abuses. So he has taken nicely to that emasculinity which occasions less blood and more praise. He lives to defer. It takes less energy.


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