The Light of Ayweh

05.22.19 | by Clinton Manley

    Ayweh, The Happiest of All Beings
    Long ago, before anything was that is, Ayweh was. Ayweh was a being of light - the happiest and most beautiful. His very nature was light more magnificent than anything you can imagine. In fact, the light of Ayweh was the best of all that is beautiful and the kind of warmth that touches the soul. Now Ayweh loved his light. Nothing delighted him more than the light that shone from him. Such was his joy in the light, that he would often laugh and sing and dance for time without measure in the blaze of his brilliance. Reality was beauty and warmth and radiance for the happiest of beings. 
    The Land of Mirrors and the Lux
    And there came a time, when Ayweh was so full of pleasure in the light, that he wanted others to enjoy it as well. Being a person of immense power, he decided to make things that could reflect his light back to him. And so, he began to build a Land of Mirrors. For eons and eons, he designed and crafted mirrors of all sizes and shapes. Tiny mirrors with displays of perfect crystal and massive ones like the smoothest waters. Some could reflect the colors of a brilliant rainbow while others glowed with the purest of white. He set them on high and down low, near at hand and beyond the horizon - a universe of reflections. He made his Land of Mirrors so that when he was perfectly in the center a million million gleams of his own brilliance shone back to him in a dazzling array of color and warmth. And Ayweh loved the light of these mirrors because it was his.
    But he had even greater designs. He wanted mirrors that could enjoy his light like he did. His desire was for others to laugh and dance and sing in the light. Like an overflowing fountain, his sheer pleasure in the light could not be contained. So he decided to make mirrors like himself. Mirrors that could not only reflect the light but could also be happy in the light that they reflected. Ayweh called these mirrors the Lux, and they were the crown jewel of all his creations. He formed the Lux so that they could choose to turn in whatever direction they wanted, giving them the freedom to enjoy the light. 
    Now the Lux were unlike any mirrors that Ayweh had made. Each was unique but they all reflected the light. Their fronts were clear flawless crystal, and their backs were opaque onyx, acting like a dark backdrop to focus the reflection. They were like prisms that not only shone the light back to Ayweh but dispersed it in every direction they faced, flooding the Land with more light than ever before. Ayweh loved the Lux. He delighted in their delight and in their echo of his light. Ages of perfect harmony and warmth and light passed in this Land of Mirrors without the slightest shadow.
    The Ice of Angelus and the Umbra
    But one day, a bitter and a terrible thing happened. Ayweh had made one mirror more beautiful than all the others and named him Angelus. He was the greatest reflection of the light, unrivaled in the Land of Mirrors. But Angelus fell in love with his own beauty. He became captivated with his own ability to emulate the light, and he convinced himself that he was more desirable than the light of Ayweh. So he turned from the light. Now the light of Ayweh was not only the beauty of the world but it was the warmth and the life. So when Angelus turned his crystal face, he shunned the warmth as well, and in the shadow his onyx back created, a hideous cold was introduced into the Land of Mirrors. Without the warmth of the light, dark fingers of ice crept over his face, veiling his mirror. His face was darkened and the dim light that leaked through his smoky back was distorted and blurred - a terrible shadow. Ayweh had made him to blaze forth, but in ice and blackness he cast aside his purpose. When he shunned the light, he deceived himself into thinking that the perverted glimmer of light, barely visible through his cloudy back, was his own, and that it was beautiful and desirable apart from the light of Ayweh. 
    From that day, Angelus set his heart to convince the Lux to turn from the light of Ayweh. He tricked one...then two...then many more to shun the light, and as each Lux turned, ice slithered and snaked over their crystal faces. The turned Lux became the Umbra, and though they could still reflect glimpses of Ayweh's light that shone in that Land of Mirrors and the smallest slivers that pushed through their smoky backs, they were distorted and blurred and pagan. But since their faces were ice-blackened, the Umbra loved these dark shimmers in themselves and in the land. And all the time, Angelus told them it was their own, their precious worth, and they delighted in darkness. They wandered, blinded and bumbling, smashing into one another to grasp for shadows, and in their insatiable pursuit, many were broken and shattered.
    Ayweh continued to make more of the Lux to reflect His light and bask in it's warmth, but every Lux he crafted turned from the light. And as the Lux faced their dark backs to Ayweh, each cast a deep, icy shadow on the Land, blotting out the light. So the Light Bearers became the Shadow Casters. The Lux became the Umbra. And the Land of Mirrors was no longer alive with the warmth of the beauty of the light but was desolate with the ice of the darkness of the shadow. 
    The Breaking of Kadah
    Now Ayweh was angry at the Umbra because they had forsaken his purpose for them. He loved his light more than anything and hated seeing it distorted. But he also loved the Umbra because he made them to be happy in his light. So, he sought to save and restore them as Lux. One by one, he turned the Umbra back to his light, scraped the ice from their faces, and made them again to be the happy Lux. But many refused to be turned, preferring instead the darkness and cold and crooked glimmers in themselves. Eventually the Land became so dark, that Ayweh decided to destroy all the Umbra and to form the Lux anew. But the Ice of Angelus would not be so easily undone and it spread again, filling the Land of Mirrors with the Umbra.
    An age of darkness dawned on the Land of Mirrors, dim and desolate, with precious few Lux left to reflect the light. The cold Umbra continued to break each other in their blind wanderings. After long ages, the anger of Ayweh at the rebellion of his mirrors reached it's limit. They continued to reject his beautiful light and refused to be happy in reflecting it. So Ayweh saw that something had to be done to restore the image of the light. Of course, he could destroy all the Umbra and simply bask in the blaze of his own brilliance as he did before the Land of Mirrors was, but He loved the Umbra and wanted them to be the Lux again. So Ayweh made a way. 
    He formed a perfect mirror. This mirror was without flaw; so clear and pure it had no visible edges. The name of this mirror was Kadah. He was matchless and without peer among all the Lux and all the Umbra. So excellent was his reflection of the light, he was the light. Yes! the very image of Ayweh, and Ayweh was delighted to put the very source of his light in this supreme Lux. But instead of enjoying Kadah and the unmarred radiance of his reflection, Ayweh let the terrible Ice of Angelus cover him front and back. Like the frozen surface of the sea, Kadah was so encased in the bitter dark diamonds of cold that he appeared to be ice. And Ayweh, with all the might of his light and the power of his rage, smashed Kadah, shattering him into untold pieces. Such was the rending, that the terrible, glorious brightness that poured forth from the fragments passed beyond anything the Land of Mirrors had ever witnessed. For with the breaking of Kadah, the power of the ice was destroyed.
    Oh, but such was the power of Ayweh and perfection of Kadah, that though he was shattered, he was not broken. And though he was crushed, he was not destroyed utterly. Kadah yet lived! In the shards of the mirror, he was alive, and though fractured, each shard still held the light of Ayweh and was perfect in the ability to reflect. So Ayweh took the countless shards and placed them within the Umbra, melting the ice that blinded them by putting his very light within them. The shard-bearing mirrors were forever sealed as Lux. And though they could still turn, the treasure of the shard within ever increased their love of the light. 
    However, not all the Umbra would accept the shard. Led and deceived by Angelus, some still some despised the light. So Ayweh gave them up to the ice and cast them out into the darkness they loved, forever cleansing his Land of Mirrors from the shadow and the ice. Now, the Lux that were restored, loved the light because they loved Kadah and Ayweh. They were altogether happy to feel the warmth and reflect the brightness back to it's source. Now since Ayweh loved the Lux and loved the light of Kadah blazing within them and loved above all things the beauty of his light, Ayweh was the happiest of all beings in his Land of Mirrors. 
    I Am (Eh Weh - Hebrew)
    Light (latin)
    Angel (latin)
    Shadow (latin)
    Rejoice/gladness (Hebrew)


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