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Fear Less

Life brings with it challenges and struggles. Those challenges and struggles can cause us worry and anxiety which are really just other forms of fear. The encouragement that Jesus gave more than any other during his earthly ministry was "fear not." As followers of Jesus we should not allow fear to rule the day, but sometimes it seems that it is easier said than done. Join us as we explore God's word together to discover how we can become people who fear less.

Imago Dei

Our culture is transforming at a rapid pace. "Diversity. Equality, and tolerance" are common buzz words that we hear. Sexism, racism, classism and gender quality are just a few of the hot topic issues dominating the conservation in our culture. In our newest Sunday series we will be exploring Go`s Word to discover answers to the confront us. Don`t miss this important and informative series, "Imago Dei."

Trust Issues

Biblical trust is active faith based on reasonable evidence. This series explores how the Bible defines faith, what the basis of faith is, and how trust relates to God, ourselves, and others. 


Satan is the master counterfeiter. He seeks to counterfeit the work of God and the truth of God. All through the Bible we can see examples of our enemy`s attempts to make the false look true. Learning to defect the genuine from the counterfeit is what we will be discovering in our newest Sunday series, "bogus."

Psalm Things 2 Think About

The Psalms make up the largest section of scripture in the Bible. Many people go to Psalms for comfort, inspiration and encouragement . although there are many Psalms that people cling to, there are other Palms that people avoid or misunderstand. Join us each Sunday as we take a thoughtful look at some important and thought provoking Psalms.

Joy to the World?

It`s the Christmas season once again. As followers of Jesus, we celebrate the birth of our Savior and proclaim "Joy to the world."But what is this joy all about? And how does this joy affect the world? Join us each Sunday leading up to Christmas for our newest sermon series, "Joy to the world."

Like Jesus

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to imitate Him that’s just another way to say that we are to be like Him. We know this in a general way but what does that look like specifically? In this series we will be taking a closer look at what it means to be “Like Jesus.” Join us as we look at the master plan to be like The master.

The Power of Redeeming Love
The Old Testament book of Ruth contains an amazing story of tragedy, loyalty, love and redemption. Its a story filled with many lessons and challenges that we can glean from for our lives today. Join us each week for our latest series "The Power of Redeeming Love."
Faithfully Unfaithful

God delivered the people of Israel from a life of slavery in Egypt and brought them into the land that He had promised their fore fathers. Despite God’s display of amazing power, unfailing love and faithfulness, Israel struggled to remain faithful to God. In the book of Judges we discover that the only thing the people of Israel were faithful in was being unfaithful. Too many times the picture of God’s children back then mirrors the picture of God’s children today. Join us as we explore the old Testament of Judges to learn the lessons and pitfalls of living Faithfully Unfaithfully lives.

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