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Fear Less

Life brings with it challenges and struggles. Those challenges and struggles can cause us worry and anxiety which are really just other forms of fear. The encouragement that Jesus gave more than any other during his earthly ministry was "fear not." As followers of Jesus we should not allow fear to rule the day, but sometimes it seems that it is easier said than done. Join us as we explore God's word together to discover how we can become people who fear less.

Bringing The Church Into Focus

Jesus said that He would build His church but has the church lost it's way? Some would say that the church is no longer necessary. Others today say that the church needs to change and adapt to the times. It's important that we know what God's word has to say about what the church is all about.

One Year?!

What if Jesus told you that you had only one year to serve Him? What would your priorities be? What ministy would you get involved in? How would your life be different if you knew you only had one year?


His most recognized name is Jesus, but there are many other names for the Savior born in a manger. You will gain new insights as we discover together why He is called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.

The Dirty Little Secret

Everyone knows that pornography is a problem in our society and world today but in the church? The reality is it is a big problem and growing bigger. This message tackles the issue and gives a biblical approach to deal with it.

Selfless Living

The greatest demonstration of selflessness is the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross. We're not only given the invitation to accept that sacrifice but to emulate the selfless life of the Savior. Selfless living is the focus of this teaching from Philippians chapter 2.

The Master's 12

The 12 apostles were just ordinary men but Jesus chose them to be his closest followers. Each was unique in his personality and giftings. In the 12 we can see the types of people that the Lord chooses to use today. If Jesus could take 12 ordinary men and turn the world upside down imagine what he could do with you!

True Faith Obeys

Having faith is one thing proving it is another. Faith can only be proven through demonstration. We demonstrate the faith we say we have by what we do. In John 9 we get a glimpse of faith that obeys as we look at Jesus' healing of a blind man.

The Absolute Necessity of Holiness

There are some things in life that are important, other things that we think we need, but then there are those that really are absolute necessities. Water and food are absolutely necessary to sustain life. According to God's word holiness is an absolute necessity if a person ever wants to see God.

Radical Discipleship

What we know as "normal" Christianity is anything but. As we read the New Testament we discover that Jesus called people to be disciples. If we follow Jesus the way he calls us to it will look radical even to others who call themselves Christians.


A stand alone sermon on 1 Corithians 16:17-18.


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