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Imago Dei - Sunday evening teaching series

In the Spring of 2019 Pastor Randy and Pastor Clint delivered a series of sermons on how understanding the biblical truth that every person has been created in the image of God informs how we approach many of the cultural issues of our day. When the series concluded many shared how impacting it was on their thinking and approach to the hot topics we now face: issues such as sexuality and gender, sanctity of life, racial discrimination and men and women's roles. In this updated reboot of the series Pastor Randy teaches six sessions on the importance of understanding this vital biblical doctrine referred to as the Imago Dei.

Holy Spirit

Before leaving this world Jesus promised His followers that He would send the Holy Spirit to come and live in them. Unfortunately, there's been a lot of confusion, fear, and ignorance when it come to understanding who the Holy Spirit is and what His function is in our lives. In our latest Sunday series we uncover what the Bible has to say about this important member of the Trinity.

Sins You Can Live With

Too often we categorize sins into big and little, significant and insignificant. If we were honest we would admit that we think some sins aren't really that bad. There are some sins we can live with. What are some of these sins and how should we deal with them in our lives? Join us as we look into God's unchanging truth and examine these sins you can live with.


Revival is a word that we talk about frequently in the church. We pray for revival asking God to work in mighty ways. Pastor Jeff Colon of Pure Life Ministries shares insights into this important need for revival in the church today.

Is There Really A Difference?

There are so many religions in the world -- aren't they all basically the same? "Be good, treat people good, and try not to upset God," doesn't that sum up the basic message of religion? Join us as we overview several different world religions to show the differences they have with what the Bible teaches. This series is designed to equip you to reach out in love and knowledge to those in other faith systems.

Fulfilling Your Mission

The church is called the body of Christ in the New Testament. It's also referred to as a family in other parts the Bible. Have you ever stopped to think that the church could also be likened to a jigsaw puzzle? Join us as we explore the importance of knowing and fulfilling the mission that you have as a part of God's church.

Don't Wait Another Year

A New Year is just a few days away. Although we don't know the details of what the year will bring we do know that the choices we make will have much to do with what we experience. Join us as we are challenged to face the New Year with a biblical and God focused perspective.

Gifts Nobody Wants

Gift giving is a way to express appreciation, friendship, and love. Normally gifts are enjoyable and fun, but occasionally we receive a gift that we don't really want. There are some gifts that, although necessary and even helpful, nobody really wants to receive. Join us as we unwrap a few of these "Gifts Nobody Wants."

The Main Character of Christmas

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year but it can also be a very distracting time of year. We can find ourselves so busy and consumed with all the things expected of us that we fail to focus on the main character of Christmas. Join us as we prepare for this beautiful season with an important reminder of who it's really all about.


Abraham was called by God to travel the road of faith. All went well until he came to a famine that proved to be a detour to faithless failure. Join us as we unfold this important event in the life of Abraham and learn how to avoid the detours that lead to faithless failure.

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