Current Series

Imago Dei - Sunday evening teaching series

In the Spring of 2019 Pastor Randy and Pastor Clint delivered a series of sermons on how understanding the biblical truth that every person has been created in the image of God informs how we approach many of the cultural issues of our day. When the series concluded many shared how impacting it was on their thinking and approach to the hot topics we now face: issues such as sexuality and gender, sanctity of life, racial discrimination and men and women's roles. In this updated reboot of the series Pastor Randy teaches six sessions on the importance of understanding this vital biblical doctrine referred to as the Imago Dei.


A stand alone sermon on 1 Corithians 16:17-18.


We live in a world full of hostages. What's your captor? Perhaps you've been held captive by fear, pride, lust, or jealousy. The great news is you don't have to be a hostage. There is freedom available. Join us each week as we discover together from God's Word how to be a "HOSTAGE No More."

Has God Said?

The Bible, we call it "God's Word," but is it? If we believe that it is can we prove it?


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