Current Series

Fear Less

Life brings with it challenges and struggles. Those challenges and struggles can cause us worry and anxiety which are really just other forms of fear. The encouragement that Jesus gave more than any other during his earthly ministry was "fear not." As followers of Jesus we should not allow fear to rule the day, but sometimes it seems that it is easier said than done. Join us as we explore God's word together to discover how we can become people who fear less.


We live in a world full of hostages. What's your captor? Perhaps you've been held captive by fear, pride, lust, or jealousy. The great news is you don't have to be a hostage. There is freedom available. Join us each week as we discover together from God's Word how to be a "HOSTAGE No More."

Has God Said?

The Bible, we call it "God's Word," but is it? If we believe that it is can we prove it?


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