Current Series

Imago Dei - Sunday evening teaching series

In the Spring of 2019 Pastor Randy and Pastor Clint delivered a series of sermons on how understanding the biblical truth that every person has been created in the image of God informs how we approach many of the cultural issues of our day. When the series concluded many shared how impacting it was on their thinking and approach to the hot topics we now face: issues such as sexuality and gender, sanctity of life, racial discrimination and men and women's roles. In this updated reboot of the series Pastor Randy teaches six sessions on the importance of understanding this vital biblical doctrine referred to as the Imago Dei.

The Blessing of Obedience

God calls His children to a life of obedience. As we submit to His authority and obey we'll discover that obedience is the key ingredient to blessing.


Enjoy various videos of MBC events and outreach ministries.

Confessions Of An Empty Life

Life can be complicated at times, confusing at others, and always a challenge. Few desire to live a life of emptiness. Ironically, however, in an attempt to live life to the full many discover that in reality their living an empty existence. An ancient Jewish king by the name of Solomon wrote all about his attempts to live life to the full only to discover emptiness at the end of the road. Are we doomed to Solomon's experience or is there a way to avoid living an empty life? Join us as we journey through the book of Ecclesiastes and unfold the "Confessions of an Empty Life."

Guest Speaker Series

During the month of July '10 MBC was blessed to host a number of guest speakers who encouraged and challenged us through the teaching of God's Word.

Making God Look Good

God is, well, God and He certainly doesn't need anyone to help Him look good. In His sovereign plan, however that's exactly what He has planned for those who follow Him. He wants His children to make Him look good.

A Heart God Can Use

God calls all kinds of people from various backgrounds and with different personalities. There are, however, certain characteristics of the heart that God can use in powerful ways. This series looks closely at the biblical characteristics of David and the traits of heart that earned him the title "a man after God's own heart."

How God Uses Prayer

Prayer is an important discipline in the Chiristian's life. It is a vital part of a quality relationship with God. In this study we'll take a closer look at how God uses our prayers for our good and for His glory.

Amazing Love

It's been said that there's no love like a mother's love. It's true that the love of a mother is a wonderful love, but the love that God has for people is not only wonderful, it's amazing!


Jesus mentioned hell more times than He did heaven and yet it's a topic not many talk about today. In this series we will be looking at what God's word teaches about hell and discover how the truth about hell can not only change our lives but also the way we view the lives of others around us.

Protection For Life

Life is hectic and can be unsettling at times. God has provided protection for life.


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