Current Series

Trust Issues

Biblical trust is active faith based on reasonable evidence. This series explores how the Bible defines faith, what the basis of faith is, and how trust relates to God, ourselves, and others. 

Why Do Christians Sin?

Alot of us would boldly proclaim that we are followers of Jesus Christ. We are Christians. So, how would we explain our sin? Most of us who claim to follow Jesus would admit that we sin but have you ever wondered why? Why do Christians sin?

Toxic Living

There are toxins that silently creep into our lives destroying our peace and effectiveness. These are thoughts, behaviors, and relationships that quietly compromise our well being. The good news is that we can learn to recognize and remove these hidden poisons in our lives.

Living The Life Of Faith

Many talk about faith in our society today. You may even say that it's popular to be a person of faith. With all of this talk about and acceptance of faith do we really understand what it is and how one can live a life of faith? In this one time study we'll see what the Bible has to say about living the life of faith.


There are practices that take place within the church that cause outsiders looking in to ask, "Why?" Reality is that many within the church are equally baffled to explain reasons for why the church does certain things. In this series we will seek to answer some of the why questions about the church.

New Hearts for New Starts

Randy and Monica Zachary share their story of how God took their broken marriage and not only restored it but made it better than it had ever been.

The Changed Life

When you place your faith in Jesus you not only get your sins forgiven you step into a new life. The new life is one that is characterized by change and growth toward looking like Jesus Christ.

The Blessing of Obedience

God calls His children to a life of obedience. As we submit to His authority and obey we'll discover that obedience is the key ingredient to blessing.

Confessions Of An Empty Life

Life can be complicated at times, confusing at others, and always a challenge. Few desire to live a life of emptiness. Ironically, however, in an attempt to live life to the full many discover that in reality their living an empty existence. An ancient Jewish king by the name of Solomon wrote all about his attempts to live life to the full only to discover emptiness at the end of the road. Are we doomed to Solomon's experience or is there a way to avoid living an empty life? Join us as we journey through the book of Ecclesiastes and unfold the "Confessions of an Empty Life."

Guest Speaker Series

During the month of July '10 MBC was blessed to host a number of guest speakers who encouraged and challenged us through the teaching of God's Word.

Making God Look Good

God is, well, God and He certainly doesn't need anyone to help Him look good. In His sovereign plan, however that's exactly what He has planned for those who follow Him. He wants His children to make Him look good.


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