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Like Jesus

The Absolute Necessity of Holiness

There are some things in life that are important, other things that we think we need, but then there are those that really are absolute necessities. Water and food are absolutely necessary to sustain life. According to God's word holiness is an absolute necessity if a person ever wants to see God.

Radical Discipleship

What we know as "normal" Christianity is anything but. As we read the New Testament we discover that Jesus called people to be disciples. If we follow Jesus the way he calls us to it will look radical even to others who call themselves Christians.


A stand alone sermon on 1 Corithians 16:17-18.


We live in a world full of hostages. What's your captor? Perhaps you've been held captive by fear, pride, lust, or jealousy. The great news is you don't have to be a hostage. There is freedom available. Join us each week as we discover together from God's Word how to be a "HOSTAGE No More."

Has God Said?

The Bible, we call it "God's Word," but is it? If we believe that it is can we prove it?


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