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Trust Issues

Biblical trust is active faith based on reasonable evidence. This series explores how the Bible defines faith, what the basis of faith is, and how trust relates to God, ourselves, and others. 

The Real Story of Easter

On Easter Sunday morning we in Kualapuu Park we celebrated the real Easter story with several hundred guests from our island. Uplifting music, beautiful dance, a message from God's word, delicious food, and an egg hunt for the kid's made for an exciting morning of celebration.

Getting All That God Has For You

When you become a follower of Jesus Christ you were born into God's family. With your new identity comes a new "package" of spiritual privileges. Many times we don't access all that God has for us. Join us as we take a closer look at how we can get all that God has for us.


"Grace" it's a word used often among followers of Jesus but it's a concept and lifestyle that too many in the church truly don't understand. Understanding God's grace is absolutely vital for every child of God. God has called His children into a joyful and abundant life that can only be experienced as we embrace and live in grace. Join us as we explore the wonders and beauty of God's grace.


Life doesn't always go the way we plan. Along life's journey come interruptions, unplanned circumstances that can drastically alter life's routine. In this message Pastor Brad Rud from the Crossings church in Alaska shares with the MBC family from the life of Joseph how to deal with these unexpected interruptions.

A Different Kind Of Gift

Christmas is the season that we associate with gift giving. We spend hours and dollars looking for just the right gifts for the people on our list. In this series we will be looking at different kinds of gifts that don't fit under the tree. There are gifts that we we can give that really are priceless with value beyond compare.

Understanding the Gift of Tongues

The gift of tongues, what is it? Is it a legitimate gift? Do you have it? Join us for a study on the controversial topic of the gift tongues.

WARNING: Be Careful of the Drift

As we move along on our Christian journey there will be things that can distract us and cause us to drift off course. Most of the time this drifting happens gradually and almost can initially go without notice. If we're not careful we can find that we have drifted far from the place that we are supposed to be. Join us as we explore some causes and cures for drifting.


As a follower of Jesus Christ perhaps you find yourself feeling a little out of place at times? Maybe around your co-workers, acquaintances and even your family you feel like the odd guy out? Is there something wrong with you or is it everyone else? Join us as we discover why we'll never fit in.

How Should A Christian Vote?

As followers of Jesus Christ how are we to approach the political process? If God is sovereign should we even bother voting? What's the Christian's responsibility toward government? Join us as we open God's word to unpack answers to these timely questions.

The End

There are key events on God's prophetic calendar. As followers of Jesus Christ we need to be aware of what these events are, what the signs are that point to these events, and how this imformation should affect the way that we live right now. Join us as we explore God's word to learn more about The End.

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