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Satan is the master counterfeiter. He seeks to counterfeit the work of God and the truth of God. All through the Bible we can see examples of our enemy`s attempts to make the false look true. Learning to defect the genuine from the counterfeit is what we will be discovering in our newest Sunday series, "bogus."

All Things Work Together For Good?

Romans 8:28 declares that, "And we know that God uses all things to work together for the good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." But do all things really mean everything? Butch Perriera shares from God's Word and personal experience how God can use even the worst of circumstances to bring about good.

Believing vs Living

As followers of Jesus many times proclaiming what we believing is easier than living that belief out in our everyday lives. Teva Pou challenges the MBC family to go beyond verbally believing that God is powerful by living out that belief every day of our lives.

Choose The Gift Of Life

e are many things in life that you can't choose, the day you're born, the family your born into, and your ethnic make up just to name a few. There are, however, many choices that we do have as we move our way through life. Guest Bible teacher, Fabian Loo explores how we can choose the gift of life as he examines Deuteronomy 30.

Righteousness Matters To God

God is righteous and people aren't. Only by faith in what Jesus did on the cross can a person be made righteous. Once we become God's righteous children we need to live out that righteous identity that we've been given. Join us for this special message by MBC deacon Vaai Seumalo.

Holy Spirit

Before leaving this world Jesus promised His followers that He would send the Holy Spirit to come and live in them. Unfortunately, there's been a lot of confusion, fear, and ignorance when it come to understanding who the Holy Spirit is and what His function is in our lives. In our latest Sunday series we uncover what the Bible has to say about this important member of the Trinity.

Sins You Can Live With

Too often we categorize sins into big and little, significant and insignificant. If we were honest we would admit that we think some sins aren't really that bad. There are some sins we can live with. What are some of these sins and how should we deal with them in our lives? Join us as we look into God's unchanging truth and examine these sins you can live with.


Revival is a word that we talk about frequently in the church. We pray for revival asking God to work in mighty ways. Pastor Jeff Colon of Pure Life Ministries shares insights into this important need for revival in the church today.

Is There Really A Difference?

There are so many religions in the world -- aren't they all basically the same? "Be good, treat people good, and try not to upset God," doesn't that sum up the basic message of religion? Join us as we overview several different world religions to show the differences they have with what the Bible teaches. This series is designed to equip you to reach out in love and knowledge to those in other faith systems.

Fulfilling Your Mission

The church is called the body of Christ in the New Testament. It's also referred to as a family in other parts the Bible. Have you ever stopped to think that the church could also be likened to a jigsaw puzzle? Join us as we explore the importance of knowing and fulfilling the mission that you have as a part of God's church.

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