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Psalm Things 2 Think About

The Psalms make up the largest section of scripture in the Bible. Many people go to Psalms for comfort, inspiration and encouragement . although there are many Psalms that people cling to, there are other Palms that people avoid or misunderstand. Join us each Sunday as we take a thoughtful look at some important and thought provoking Psalms.

Gifts Nobody Wants

Gift giving is a way to express appreciation, friendship, and love. Normally gifts are enjoyable and fun, but occasionally we receive a gift that we don't really want. There are some gifts that, although necessary and even helpful, nobody really wants to receive. Join us as we unwrap a few of these "Gifts Nobody Wants."

The Main Character of Christmas

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year but it can also be a very distracting time of year. We can find ourselves so busy and consumed with all the things expected of us that we fail to focus on the main character of Christmas. Join us as we prepare for this beautiful season with an important reminder of who it's really all about.


Abraham was called by God to travel the road of faith. All went well until he came to a famine that proved to be a detour to faithless failure. Join us as we unfold this important event in the life of Abraham and learn how to avoid the detours that lead to faithless failure.


If you are a follower of Jesus Christ than you have come to know and embrace Him as Lord and Savior but He is so much more. In this series we will discover more specifically who Jesus is and what He wants to do in our lives today. Join us as we journey through the "I am" statements of Jesus recorded in the Gospel of John.

Preparing For Blessing

Many of followers of Jesus are missing out on blessing that God has ready and waiting for them because they aren't prepared to receive them. Join us as we look at 3 ways that you can prepare yourself to receive God's blessing.


As followers of Jesus too many times we understand the basics of the salvation that we have and miss the depth of this wonderful gift. Like a 3D movie salvation has 3 dimensional aspects. Join us as we dive into God's Word to discover salvation in 3D.


There are books, seminars, and even companies dedicated to the goal of teaching church leaders how to grow their congregations. We live in the day of mega churches and mega ministries. Theories abound on how to do church but what does God's Word say about the function of the church? In the early years of church history the apostle Paul wrote a letter to a young pastor giving him important insights on how the church should function. Join us as we explore what God has to say about how to build a church that lasts.


The Bible has much to say about being a fool. The words fool, foolish, and foolishly show up more than 190 times in the pages of scripture. During this 3 part series we will discover what the Bible says about being a fool.

The Real Story of Easter

On Easter Sunday morning we in Kualapuu Park we celebrated the real Easter story with several hundred guests from our island. Uplifting music, beautiful dance, a message from God's word, delicious food, and an egg hunt for the kid's made for an exciting morning of celebration.

Getting All That God Has For You

When you become a follower of Jesus Christ you were born into God's family. With your new identity comes a new "package" of spiritual privileges. Many times we don't access all that God has for us. Join us as we take a closer look at how we can get all that God has for us.

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